Anonymous: Mituna was more comfortable now, and he could feel that a vent in the corner was beginning to let some cooler air flow. Latula's hand stroked back the hair from his face in a comforting way, but his imagination conjured another scenario. Mituna decided to attempt to make the scenario happen, pulling himself back into a sitting position on the soft blanket. Latula had dozed off slightly and now opened her eyes, alerted by the movement.

Anonymous: Mituna rested his cheek against her chest, and Latula frowned. "Mituna, you should probably take the helmet off. Your cheeks are too warm to be healthy. She worked the helmet off his horns, but his hair didnt spring up as it usually would- sweat plastered it down a bit. Latula frowned at this and set about pulling Mituna's shirt off as well, but it was harder than she thought it would be as the sweat made the material cling. Mituna shook himself back into awareness to cooperate.

Have you ever met someone who is so good at playing their character you start to think it’s actually the character you’re talking to?

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probably less than scantily clad -eyebrow wiggle-

; )

Anonymous: Latula looked up from her device, then laughed and hugged Mituna. "How did you find me? I thought I hid away pretty well." Mituna just then noticed that this room was just as warm as the main dancing place, and the Latula had already given up the battle against the heat and stripped to her cherry red undergarments. His cheeks suddenly burned yellow, despite the fact she had been just as scantily clad in his hive before. "1 D1DNT KN0W Y0UD B3 H3R3, BUT 1M GL4D YOU 4R3."

l4tul4-r4drop3-deactivated20130: Mituna wound through the halls until he could only hear a murmur where a taunting roar had been before. Panting from the exertion and heat (would it kill them to turn up the AC?) he opened a door and slammed it shut behind him, not looking first to see if it was occupied. As he paused now, Mituna could see that the room was dimly lit by a lamp on a nightstand, and then Latula, fiddling with an electronic device. His head hurt a bit less as he bounded towards her and thumped down next to her. -3

Anonymous: Mituna wondered where Latula had gone. Earlier in the evening, she had lightly touched his shoulder and said the noise was a bit much for her. He assumed she had disappeared into one of the many rooms the place had to offer for some quietness. Mituna hadnt gone with her, assuming the heat would be even more stifling in a closed room. Now, he just wanted to get away from the tormentors. Mituna stumbled through the crowd, ignoring the jeers from the higher castes. -2

Anonymous: The party's atmosphere was extremely warm, made even hotter by the large number of people's body heat. People noticed Mituna's strange helmet and garb, a few pointing and commenting as if he was deaf or blind. A person snuck up behind Mituna and rapped sharply on the helmet, causing a sharp bolt of pain to shoot through Mituna's head. A few others took up the game as well, causing him to spin wildly in an attempt to predict the assaults or to avoid them.

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